VIDEO: Iran's Secret Nukes?

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VIDEO: Orwell in Tibet

On March 30, 2015
Wednesday  25 March 2015   / Hour 1, Block B: Julia Famularo, research affiliate at Project 2049 Institute, in re: In Tibet,  under the unelected tyrants of Beijing - A 10,00 RMB fine for not installing a camera on your own premises in order to let the government monitor activities in your own place.  it didn’t come even to Orwell that you’d have to install a camera, yourself, for the sinister espionage. It will spread throughout Tibet and perhaps throughout China.
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VIDEO: Bergdahl Charged

On March 25, 2015
Wednesday  25 March 2015   / Hour 1, Block D:  Bill Roggio, Long War Journal and FDD, in re: Article 22; Bowe Bergdahl, exchanged for five senior Taliban killers who'd been closely tied to al Qaeda,  now loose, is charged with desertion.  Could be jailed for decades.
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VIDEO: Fed 'Patient No More'

On March 24, 2015
Thursday  19 March 2015 / Hour 1, Block A: Mary Kissel, Wall Street Journal editorial board & host of; in re: Janet Yellin and "patient no more but not over a cliff"  -- balance sheet is gargantuan.  "When unemployment is down to 6.5%, we'll raise rates" – now it's at 5% and no raise.  Global implications; a gamble going in, and going out, of uncharted waters.  / Right to try: states may pass a law allowing terminally-ill patents to ask a drug company for the right to try a drug that's  passed a stage-one trial.  / Chicago: two Illino
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VIDEO: St. Patrick's Day 2015

On March 20, 2015
Thursday  19 March 2015 / Hour 1, Block B: Edward W Hayes, criminal defense attorney par excellence, in re:  Mayor de Blasio's  St Patrick's Day. ("NYC Mayor De Blasio late for St. Pat's Mass and again snubs annual NYC parade - this guy is a sad joke") Gov Cuomo's polls.
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VIDEO: Water, Water Everywhere

On March 19, 2015
Wednesday  18 March 2015 / Hour 1, Block C: HOTAL MARS, episode n. Michael J Mumma, Founding Director, Goddard Center for Astrobiology & Senior Scientist, Solar System Exploration Division, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center; in re: Mars oceans - how big they were, what are the best theories for what happened to the water, et al.  Water on many of the billions of exoplanets; oceans of Enceladus and Ganymede.
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VIDEO: Benghazi Emails?

On March 18, 2015
Monday  16 March 2015 / Hour 1, Block C: Larry Johnson, NoQuarter, in re: 12 Sept 2012: a catastrophe under way in Libya.